Our Mission

Motorsport is perceived as a male dominated industry mostly due to the fact that the majority of high profile positions in the top tiers of the industry that are televised worldwide are men.

Although women are now starting to move into higher positions in the sport, most of the women involved are very much behind the scenes or overlooked all together. And there are just as many female motorsport fans as there are men, who don’t participate as much as they should due to intimidation.

There are many women involved in motorsport, especially on the operations side, especially in Asia, as well as more young drivers in region.

With this ever-increasing population of women in the industry there is an opportunity to service the needs and build a community of women in motorsport to promote their contribution and give support to their efforts and successes.

To Promote the interests of motor sport generally.

It is important for us to continually promote motorsport throughout the community to increase the interests of women across Asia.


To celebrate women’s contributions to motorsport

There are a lot women involved in motorsport around the region. AWIMA aims to recognise, celebrate and promote their contributions worldwide through all forms of media.


To further the interests of women in the industry across all areas

It is AWIMA’s responsibility to act as a platform to help further the development of women’s skills and opportunities working in the industry, including drivers wanting to build a career.


To be a networking & mentoring platform

AWIMA aims to make it easier for women in motorsport and fans to utilise and learn from each other by building an active network. We will also provide opportunities to educate women on all aspects of the industry.


To be an easily accessible resource for women currently in the industry, or looking to get involved

It is quite difficult for people to get the right information about how to get into motorsport, and what opportunities there are available when inside the industry. AWIMA will provide open resources for members to access, making it easier to get involved in motorsport.